Monday, February 20, 2006

More pictures from England.

Here are more pictures from January. These are from the British Museum. There were some pretty Viking things that I thought my SCA friends would like.Here is the main entrance to the BM, impressive ne? This was the last day in England (each time prior that I went to the BM my camera batteries died on me. Grrr.), and it was beautiful. Notice the blue sky. One of the few sunny days we had in the entire month.
Pretties! I love the one on the right with the yellows and reds.
And hair sticks, always useful...and decorative too. The middle one is impressive, but I like the one just to the left of it.
Here we are, back in the V&A. This is a tapestry showing the fates triumphing over chastity (down at the bottom). One has a distaff, one measures the thread, and the third holds the spindle.

I still have more photos coming.
On a personal, recent note, I got an A on my final History 301 paper. 192 out of 200! Woot. That was the longest, hardest paper I have ever written. My secret, a title with a colon does wonders! Mine was: "Norman Propaganda: A Utilization of Disparate Sources in the Eleventh Century." Wow, I can't believe that I came up with it and how little it actually says. I confess that I came up with it one day 5 minutes before a draft was due, and decided to keep it.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

England and January.

So, I went to England during January.
I went for a J-Term study abroad, studying England's involvement in WWII. I took some textile picutes, so I figured this would be a good place to post some of them. These are from a hunting tapestry circa 1430's on display in the Victoria and Albert in London. I took these mostly for costuming resources (and they are just plain pretty).

I quite like the V & A, some of the prettiest textiles I have ever see, including these tapestries. The also had a textile of linen from King Tut's tumb.

A warning: I got lost in this museum. I map is quite useful when you go into any I mean any building in England. I ended up lost in the British museum, the V & A, almost in the British Library, and in the Ashmolean in Oxford.

More later, I am not very good at adding pictures to my posts yet. Ta!