Friday, July 28, 2006

Emmeline and Trolls

Okay, here I am in Maine, still having trouble posting pictures. But for now I want you all to know that my family is wierd!
I watched the other night a video called "Emmeline," which although, is not about an anscestor of mine, interviews relatives of mine, and they are wierd. Anyways, wierd story:

Emmeline is about a woman in the 19th century in Lafayette, Maine. As a 13 year old (or so) she was packed off to the mills to work and send money home to her poor family. There, away from her families protection, she fell in love with her boss in the mill and got pregnant. She gave away the child to a family there and in return they paid for her return trip to Maine.
Much later in life, she met a man who had come to work on a road with a work party. They fell in love and were married.
Later his family came to meet the new bride and congratulate the couple. To their horror, they recongnized the bride, she was their son's biological mother! Emmeline had married her son! Well, the marriage was immediately annuled, and the groom went home and left Emmeline to be ostracized by the community of Lafayette.
This was a very interesting PBS special, and has interviews with very interesting characters. I have to show you guys this.

In other news, you guys should go here:
The "Toll," you will notice was directed by Zachary Pike, my cousin. It's wicked cool! It is a 3D short documentary on a Bridge Troll with interviews. It is absolutely hilarious. What they have posted so far is just a preview, they are showing the actual short at ComiCon in Sandiego. I hope they do well! The troll's story is so heartrending (I have to say that or the troll might come after me!).
Another one is "Mordred's Isle," which is a take on Survivor from a D and D perspective. It includes such great bits as a "+6 cloak of charisma" for picking up chicks and a kraken, and Juan the Bard. Check it out.
The third bit on there is a long (30 minutes) live action spoof of the DaVinci Code, which is called the "Norman Rockwell Code." I have yet to watch it all the way through, and it is not quite so amusing as the others, and if you don't know Norman Rockwell. But it is an amusing way to spend half an hour.
Well, that's enough for now.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I miss you all!! :( Just thought I'd drop a line to let whoever still reads this that I mis them, and Pirates was much fun! We'll have to meet up and do something like that again. (ANd if it includes pirate costumes, then even better!!)

So I'm going to Florida the first week of August, lol. This whole Florida trend with the roomies makes me laugh. Ok Mack and Katie, when are you guys gonna go?!

Just to let ya'll know what I am doing...well, it's not much- haha. I've been in for a few interviews, and I have another on the 1st. I think I have a pretty decent shot at the State of Oregon job, so cross your fingers!!

Well, I hope the summer is treating you all well. And I hope it's cooler where you are, cuz it's NASTY here right now (105 degrees yesterday or some such EEEEVIIIILLLL). Love you bunches! :)