Saturday, August 10, 2013

Return from Hiatus

I have been taking a break from blogging lately (probably obvious from my lack of recent posts). I haven't had the knitting bug lately, so I have been focusing on other projects (mainly sewing projects).

But I pulled a long neglected project out of the punishment pile the other day. This project was a baby blanket intended for a friend's baby. As this baby has been born, is over a year old, and was gifted many hand-knit baby things, I lost interest in completing this project. But I realize, there will be other babies in the future. So I pulled the project out and realized that I only had... 1.5 blocks left to do and an edging. I put this thing away incredibly close to completion. Sigh.

But, it is back on the needles, I have finished all the blocks and am working on the edging. Woot!