Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Here is Baxter, the new Kitty. I have some others of Mayumi (my cat) which shall be posted later, they are on my other memory card. In the first one he is stalking the squirrel (through the window). Look how much the squirrels ignore us and our cats. The next one is Baxter trying to hide from me. He doesn't blend very well with the apple juice though. He had the funniest reaction to a flash I have ever seen. Instead of running away, like most cats, he ran towards the camera and started batting at it. Bizzare?

In the next photo we have the dress of doom. Suffice it to say that I am not happy with the fabric or the dress. Orange? No! Orange plaid? No! Erin is being a lovely model, isn't she? She put so much into this shot (almost fell down dizzy). Not much is happening in the knitting sphere as I am working on the bloody dresses, but hopefully more will come. (And a random picture of a Greek vase, for those of you who are wondering.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nada Mucho

Here it is...time for a new post. As of now, I don't have any pictures to post. I have a few from my Spring Break that I will post later. But for now...
Back at home we have a new cat, his name is Baxter. He loves yarn. And when I say this, I do not mean in a normal cat-play-with-yarn way. No, Baxter not only plays with yarn (and there is plenty for him to play with as there are four knitters at my house), but he steals it. This is quite interesting when the yarn is still attached to your knitting. It's quite cute.
I finally saw Memoirs of a Geisha, and I love it. Though, I had a hard time getting over the entirely Chinese cast. It wasn't necessarily a problem with the chinese actors (though they did have interesting Japanese accents), but more a problem that the entire cast seemed to have been in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. In any case, the movie is beautiful and well worth seeing.
I have a sewing job currently, I need to have four outfits finished by next Friday. They only gave me the fabric today, so I have my work cut out for me. The fabric, I have to say, is absolutely hideous, I claim no responsiblity (I will post pictures later). I made the prototype dress tonight, and I hope that it is what they want. Their instructions to me have been rather vague. I think that it looks pretty good, aside from the fabric.
Other than that, nada mucho. Erin and Mackie brought me back a pretty pashmina from New England, which I am absolutely in love with.
Well, Ciao for now!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Learning html, and baking!

Okay, it has been a boring day/weekend, thus the number of posts. I have been baking and cleaning (cleaning from the baking mostly really), and today I finally figured out how to make links in the text. Woot! Like this: I attend PLU in Tacoma Washington.

In any case, this morning I made myself breakfast. French toast, bacon and cheese biscuits and a glass of milk. My corn bread didn't turn out very well, it is very dry. (I have also made pancakes, homemade syrup, and potato soup.).

I also have, for your viewing pleasure, my newest project Fir Cone Triangular Shawl, out of my homespun yarn.
(Sorry if my links are getting a little too frequent, I'm just trying to practice.)
And last, but certainly not least, my new favourite chair, which I have been sitting in soaking up the sun and knitting.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My amazing rainbow scarf

Here is my newest scarf. I think that it is bound for my Dad. It looks like it will be a perfect pride day scarf. Though I might give it to Hugh (one of my Dad's friends), because it would match the rainbow hat I made him for Christmas. It took me three days!

I am quite happy with the scarf, and thought that I would try my hand at putting a free pattern up for people to use. Here it is:

Requirements: Lots of left over yarn in similar sizes (though if you have small yarn, you can always double it up to match the thicker yarns), for my example my yarn is worsted weight, or thereabouts.
Needles: I used size 6 circulars (US), use larger needles for chunky yarn, and smaller for thinner yarn.

CO 24 stitches (or an even multiple of four) in a colour that you want to start your rainbow in (I started with purples).
In same colour work basketweave pattern with a two stitch garter border on each side:
k2,* k4, p4* repeat * to last two, k2.
k2, *p4, k4* repeat to last two, k2.
repeat these two rows once

k2, *p4, k4* repeat to last two, k2.
k2, *k4, p4*, repeat to last two, k2.
repeat once

now change to another colour in the same colour segway and repeat ad nauseum. If you have less or a little more of the colour that you are using, you can start the next yarn earlier or later.

Change to the next colour (i.e. from purple to red and so on) after about a foot (or when you run out of yarns in that colour).

At the end you can add fringe, for mine, I added fringe in the colours at the ends.

And block

Now, here is my tank top. I finished blocking it, and am now wearing it. This isn't a terribly flattering picture of me, but I try. I am quite happy with how it turned out, the first top I have successfully made that fit me! Woot for my week tank top.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My newest knitting project

And, I am terrible at posting. I have recently come to this conclusion. But, nobody really reads this anyways...not even my parents. Oh well.
Isn't the view from our apartment lovely? This is the golf course by the way. Note the cars at the bottom (I should crop that later).

Next, we have my newest project. My "it took me a week to make tank top." The pattern is from Knitty, and it is the soleil pattern. Yay! It is finally done. The yarn is some lovely homespun that I purchased this summer at the Lane
County Fair from one of the demo people. (The orange towel is courtesy of Sara).

Now, for my roommate's things (well, what I could take pictures of at this hour of the night).
On the left are Mackenzie's philosopher finder puppets partying (doing the can can I believe). And on the right are some stuffies that Katie made needle felting. (Sorry, the pictures a bit fuzzy).

That's all for now. I must needs sleep.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006