Thursday, November 16, 2006

A discourse on the subject of buses

Don't get me wrong, I love riding the bus. And I think that the bus system in Eugene is okay (not necessarily great, but okay). And I have been riding the bus since childhood. I, however, do not appreciate being left in the cold and the rain.
Yes, dear readers, the bus left 4 of us today at the Amazon Station, just drove right past us. And this, I might add is from a bus that cannot possibly be overcrowded, as it is a bus that is articulated (meaning that it has an extra caboose on the back). No, it drove right on past, as happy as you please. Stupid busses.
Thankfully, there was a girl who had her car and drove the poor stranded students, that being us, to school. Stupid busses.
Onto a happier note, I have no pictures for all y'all (did you like that A? I used the proper 2nd person plural!) because I am to lazy to transfer pictures to my camera. Maybe I will add them later. If I had pictures, I would post that I am working on the following with some sucess:
1) A cabled hat from handspun that I made from leftovers from the fibre guild at the U of O (It's about half way)
2) The SKB, yes, I am still working on it, but I am about to bind off the bottom of the body. I think, however, that I shall take S advice and knit a little extra and hemming it under.
3) A purple feather/fan scarf. This is almost finished...finally. I have half a skein left.
4)My Inuyasha swap, I have my small project finished, and have finished mapping out the big project...I just have to go find the bits for inbetween (sounds like its time for a trip to ECC and Sunrise Food Market...oooh, I could do that on the way home from work!). I am soo excited. I just hope my partner likes what I'm making her. I'll post pictures when I'm done.
Now I have to go home and take pictures so as to add them.