Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Much Belated Post

Goodness gracious me, it has been quite a while since I have posted. I apologize profusely for the lack of updates. My life has been fairly busy of late.

-Mom bought a new house (okay, 1925 isn’t really new, but who’s counting) is Eugene and the plan is for me to rent it from her and pay utilities. Exciting? Yes. Very. Kelly and I were planning on renting it together, but she has possibly got a job in the Virgin Islands. In the meantime we have been fixing the house up.

-The electrical system is old from oldsville. Old knob and tube wiring…

-The paint needs updating. In one room they painted around a bookcase leaving the wall blank the last time they painted.

-The floors need to be redone…principally the disgusting harvest gold linoleum in the kitchen.

In other words I have been knitting quite a bit. I have finished the Katharine Hepburn Sweater from Lace Style:

and a cotton cardigan from last summer’s issue of Vogue Knitting:
I also started a summer camisole from Fitted Knits, my new book of prettiness.

On the other hand, I have a new job. Which commenced at about the time I stopped regular posting. I am working at a lawyer’s office and can’t figure out if I don’t have enough work, or too much work.

Egil’s this year was lots of fun. A big gang of us went, but Kelly got the plague and couldn’t come. By the end of the event it was only team “Die Hards” left (Hawhawhaw, I crack myself up). It was still fun at the end, especially the fact that the three of us left had food left for eight. Let’s just say there was plenty of bacon for us all. We also successfully made “mush” from memory. We did pretty well all things considered; we had no recipe to work from.

I also get to work the next two Saturdays at the Knit Shop. I am quite excited about this, since I really miss interacting with proper knitters sometimes. I enjoy the people I work with, but they are definitely not the crafty types, with the possible exception of the receptionist whose mom knits.