Sunday, September 23, 2007

OFF (Of Flocks and Fibers)

Another Sheep to Shawl finished. Sheep to shawl, being (for those less fibre jargonly inclined) a competition to make a shawl in 5 hours by first spinning the yarn, and then weaving a shawl, and all done by 5 spinners and one weaver. Our sheep to shawl wasn't quite the same:
  1. No competition actually took place.
  2. There were 4 of us (Three people didn't show up).
  3. We warped the loom with commercial yarn (a Shetland yarn in the grease).
  4. We were aiming for a stole, rather than a shawl...etc.
Well, when I say finished, by that I mean mostly finished. Our shawl wasn't quite complete by 5 pm, so Asher took the shawl home to finish. But that was because we were down on the number of spinners and we chose a time intensive pattern on a table loom. Sheesh. But we did remarkably well, and I love how the shawl is turning out.

It is a herringbone twill with a dark gray warp, and a mix of lime green and turquoise for the weft. Lots of fun. The finished product is ultimately a raffle item to raise money to bring a spinning wheel to an underprivileged youth or some sort. So, all for a good cause.
Remarkably, I came home mostly within budget. I bought 2 lbs of some 21 micron merino blend roving ($10 a lb), a skein of a silk cashmere (90/10) blend, a sock yarn skein (in fire colours, I kid you not), a diz for drafting, and 4 oz of a superwash merino alpaca (80/20) blend. A good haul. And to prove that I have been spinning:

And last but not least, lets see if this works for a banner.

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Camera

So far I find myself able to stick with posting at fairly regular intervals. Fancy that. I looked at the date of my last post, and it is from exactly one week hence. Verbal pat on the back aside, I have spending the interval playing with my new camera. For I finally have one to replace the old, after its sad death.
My new camera, I might add, is mighty pretty. And small. Perfect for midget-me.
Otherwise I have spent my time running around preparing for OFF (Oregon Flock and Fiber for those not in the know). A group of us will be demo-ing a sheep to shawl (very informal) on Sunday from 10 am to 3 (I think?). We had three people at the beginning of this week for said Sheep to Shawl, and the normal amount of people for said recreation is generally 6. 5 spinners and one weaver. And did I mention we had no loom with which to weave? A sad state of affairs.
As of yesterday though, we have 6 people and a loom!
-And there was much rejoicing-
A, Jodie, Erin, Mackie, Katie, and little old me. Plus a table loom someone's mom is loaning us. Should be fun come Sunday.
I also have my first bats made up from my new drum carder (b-day gift from Mom). Here is my new pretty in all its glory:

I also finally have pictures of the snow drop shawl from the Yarn Harlot's website. I am quite proud of it. Only took me 3 months to get up the courage to block it. But I think it was worth it. And the shawl won first prize in lace at the Lane County fair! Woot.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bread, Bread, Bread

Here I sit (in a chair that is entirely too tall, I might add) in Kelly's kitchen, with a computer open in front of me, and it is time for a new post. May I just say that Kelly's family has more cookbooks than anyone in the entire world?! You say I exaggerate? Surely I jest? I lie not. But all is well, I have recipes to take home, and there is bread in the oven. Cuban bread, if I recall correctly. I'm just hoping that the recipe doesn't call for a half cup of cigars or anything. Hmmm, I think that should that eventuality come to pass, I may have to run screaming for the hills.
But I digress. And my post is starting to sound like one of Kelly's with entirely too many references to food.
On a side note (still on the subject of Kelly's kitchen), it has been highly amusing watching the roofers (or, more accurately what they have thrown off the roof) as we chat. Entertaining, but scary, was their attempt to saw something for the roof using the hot top as a sawing surface.
And through it all Kelly's mutant gray squirrel has calmly been digging to China. Serenely ignoring the disturbing thumps and bumps coming from the roof.
Knitting-wise, I have finally thrown my name in the hat for ravelry. It will be another 10 years before I am accepted into that much lauded group. I have no idea how long the waiting list is now, but the number is sure to be astronomical. Everyone and sisters and mothers (and yarn inclined cats for that matter) seem to be signing up. But I was convinced at knitting that I should sign up.
Off to watch the bread cook.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Belated Posts

This month has been a busy month, thus a distinct lack of posts...
Okay, really, I've just been lazy. But Maine, NH and a birthday party cut into much of my crafting time. And my digital camera bit the dust, terribly, horribly, and is very definitely dead. D-E-D- dead.

But, my goal for this week is a post a day. And I might even get a new camera this week.

On to the knitting. Currently on the needles I have:
  1. Jaywalkers with Shibui. These are to the heels (long plane trip to thank).
  2. Clapotis with Koigu (Yay!).
  3. Cardigan with Dalegarn Tiur from Lace Style (back done)

More from me later. ^_^