Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well, it's raining. The perfect time to post. Outside it is cold and bleary, and inside I sit with my warm cup of tea. It also makes a wonderful way of procrastinating my 10 page paper and my Latin translation for tomorrow (though Catullus is quite fun, once you get to know him).
This weekend we went to a wonderful jazz preformance by one of Erin's friends from the mall. We had a few drinks (a bit stronger than was expected, so Mackenzie was the only one to have more than one), and some wonderful desert. The music was wonderful, sometimes a little odd, but always fun.
I worked on yarn this weekend. I am spinning a blue/pink
/red/green romney roving that I bought at the Puyallup Fair. It is nice to spin, and I hope that I will have enough for a shawl. Speaking of shawls, one of my friends may let me knit her a shawl/veil for her wedding, and I am very excited. Hopefully I will have enough time, her wedding is in the summer.

Now, here is Katie's first mitten. Isn't it pretty (and pointy)? This is one of her first projects and has turned out quite well. Now she just needs to make the other one, which shoudl go pretty fast.
I am really jealos of the yarn. Her mom found it for her at a place that was going out of buisness. Though, I guess that I can't be too jealos, her mom got yarn for all of the rest of us too. I believe that it is 100% wool.

Mackenzie is currently working on a baby blanket in a shell and wave type pattern. It is a varient that has the pattern row on the reverse side. She has about 4 inches and a long way to go before it is done. Mackenzie, Sara and Erin are all working on blankets, and I laugh, because my nice little scarves and shawls go so quickly in comparison.

Let's see, Erin is almost finished with a crochet blanket, but I don't appear to have any pictures of it. I do, however, have a picture of her hideous green and yellow scarf. She's making it for her sister for her birthday. Her sister goes to the U of O, so the colours are perfect. The yarn is wool ease from Lion Brand. The pattern she is using is a mistake rib.

As for Sara, she has been working on a afghan in a very pretty pattern. As she has persevered for so long, and it is so very pretty, I thought that I would post a picture of it for her. Oooh, ahhh.


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LAura said...

I, however, am not an annoying online marketer. I also just finished a scarf. It's a dark blue and grey ravencalw scarf for my friend Lucy.
Now I want to make a hat out of the pretty blue/pink/sparkle yarn Miriam gifted to me at the Lane Co. Fair. Thank you Miriam!
Also, I want to make arm socks. The problem is I suck at knitting in the round, especially with double point needles. So that's my knitting knews. Now, back to homework!