Tuesday, October 30, 2007

J'aime chanter

A whole month since my last post, give or take. Not much has changed. My French course has started up (thus the foreignness of the title). I am enjoying French, more than I did the last course in French I took at PLU.
In recent news, I went to a lovely medieval music concert at Beale Hall with Kelly and her mom last Friday. The music was wonderful, and there were a few new pieces that would be worth learning. One was "Annum Novum" (or was it Annus Novus?) for the new year that the group sang by progressing around the music hall while singing the verses. It was wonderful and a nice medieval version of surround sound. There was also a really amusing one about a knight and a peasant girl, where the knight was trying to seduce the girl, and she was quite deliberately putting him in his (rather ridiculous) place.
On the other hand the concert was 3 hours long, and would have been longer if the singers had not commenced to cut out verses following the intermission. Lord, 11 pm was late enough as it was! The last few songs were also modern interpretations of medieval monophonic music, and they were boooring. Though that may have just been that they (the singers) had saved those three songs 'till the very end, and at that point, most of us were wanting to depart.
Sunday I went to the Haunted Corn Maze with Laura and Audrey. I almost chickened out at the last moment (seriously, I am a chicken) but Audrey convinced both Laura and me to go. I am glad she did because I enjoyed myself immensely. And it was really quite funny watching Laura say "hi" to everything in our path (friend, foe or corn stalk). Although, I did get quite freaked out at various points by chainsaw wielding masked villains. One such scare happened when Dad called for our usual Sunday chat. I was talking (quickly) and saying "goodbye," when I was startled by someone with a flashlight (not a villain, just another maze goer) and screamed into the phone. I haven't called him back, so I don't know if he still possesses his hearing...
In knitting news, I am finally finished with Clapotis, pictures coming soon, starting the fronts on the Katharine Hepburn sweater from Lace Style, and making tons of scarves for Christmas..
I am also now on ravelry. If you have not yet checked it out, ravelry is lots of fun for knitters. You can inventory your projects/stash, and get info on new projects, knitting network, etc.