Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pictures (Katie's projects)

Hey, look, I figured out how to post! Why'd it take so long? Well, my digital camera had no battery life, that and well, I just haven't. But yes, pictures! What have I been doing up here in the northern waistlands of Washington?

First we have a picture of the stuff I've done on the knifty knitter, or peg loom, as I like to call it. My second, third and fourth attempts at hats, which turned out pretty good. The first one I already donated, seeing as I'm making them for charity. Although the red and yellow one isn't cause my mom claimed it, and well, it is my real first attempt at multi-strand patterning ever...unless the scarf counts. That scarf has so many issues with it, and it didn't turn out at all like I had planned, but oh well, it too is getting donated, so someone will have a nice warm (almost too warm) scarf.

Next we have my two scarfs, the one on the right was made first, same pattern. I love this pattern, it's so damn cool and I don't get sick of it!! But the first one turned out better than the second, mostly cause of the type of yarn. And although this picture doesn't show it, both are of decent size, it's just that the first one dwarfs the second so it looks small, but it really isn't. Still don't know what I'm goinbg to do with the second scarf.

Then we have my second attempt at peg knitting a scarf, which peg knitting this yarn is a heck of a lot easier than knitting it. I couldn't see the stitches when I tried to knitt it. And that's my second scarf on the loom there, which will be wider than the first one, which is a good thing, cause you can't quite tell from this picture, but my first one is impossibly skinny AND long! It's hugely long, actually. I think it's one of those things you have to see in person.

So that's me. I'm also working on peg knitting a shawl, which I forgot to take a picture of, so I'll put that up when I'm done :) I really like knitting on these things, actually, a lot more than I figured I would.

But yes, by the way, Miriam, I like the 'wrist supports' as you put it, or someone put it, or whatever. But yes, very nice. :D


Carol said...

Nice! How is the knitting time on the peg? Faster/slower than needles? The hats & scarves are really nice.

Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by! the stoolie swift worked pretty good, but if I tons to wind, i'd probably better buy a real one. LOL