Thursday, December 06, 2007

Damn Meth Labs

As the title of the post suggests, I am about to embark upon a rant of epic - for me - proportions.

Now that that is over, let me just express my sincerest wish that all things related to methamphetamines be stricken from this planet. With the exception of beloved nasal decongestant. Those should be given to me, over the counter, not locked away where I can't clear up my bloody stuffed up head - which, I might add, is making things dastardly difficult to type and alliterate to boot. It's all their fault, well, that and law makers who have taken decongestants - which I can't even manage to type to a point that the dictionary elves hidden within blogger will recognize. Well, when I am not sick, I understand the point of trying to remove a component for the vile drug as a ready source, I bemoan the loss as a sick person.
On to the knitting - meth and knitting, bet you never thought to hear those two in a sentence together, did you?
Not much knitting has been happening, I have been sick since Tuesday. When, I might add, I managed to take my French exam, which I think I passed, it's all a little hazy. I did cast on for a lace shawl Monday and have a bit done on it, not really enough to post pictures of yet, but let me see what I do have pics of to post.
Well, here is my progress with Jaywalkers from Magknits. I am past the heel on both:

And I made a shrug from Fiber Trends, "Shrug your Shoulders"


Anne-Marie said...

Aww... lookit that shrug! It's so cute!

Anonymous said...

That is one of the cutest shrugs I've ever seen!
Oh, and I just gave your URL to an SCA friend of mine (name's Cat). She saw me wearing those wristwarmers you gave me and LOVED them! She might try and get you to make her some... :)


Carol said...

Sure hope you're feeling better and enjoying the holidays. Hmm meth and knitting, think about it! We could take meth and never sleep, so much knitting could get done! heh-I'd rather just knit. If there's something out there to get high on, rest assured someone will find a way out of the most innocent thing. Your Jaywalkers and Shrug are soooo great! Love your stitching and color choices!

Carol said...

Being sick sucks. I know they pulled the stuff behind the counter, but did they make it prescription there? Up here you have to ask for it, but it's not prescription. Which a lot of people don't realize....

Very nifty shrug. I wish I could wear one and look cute like you!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh, by the way... I Mock You for Heinous Nonpostery!

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