Thursday, November 22, 2012

Belated Design Notes

I have two new published designs! (published last Month in Skein Theory, if you haven't gone to see it yet, do so, there are lots of wonderful patterns besides mine). I'm sorry for the lateness of the post, but the past month has been so busy and I am horrible at posting (as previously noted).

Just so I can pretend like I blog, I will do a separate post for the two patterns. The first of the two patterns is my new shawl pattern: Petiole.
This design was inspired by all the slip stitch patterns out there. I love making shawls like Daybreak, but I wanted to experiment with the different textures you can achieve with slipped stitches; a way to do colorwork without carrying two colors along a row.

My first version of this shawl was more of a shaped scarf and smaller leaves:
But I decided to go ahead and make the leaves bigger by adding a center vein and make this more into a full shawl. Extremem increasing creates a shape like a short row shawl.

I don't have a picture of it all spread out (I need to remember to take photos of this) but it is shaped to stay on your shoulders with nice long sides that wrap perfectly. With the large size I can wrap it all the way around and tie it in back.

The name of this shawl was originally "Falling Leaves," the perfect name for the shawl, until a Ravelry search revealed a billion patterns already by that name. So I left the name up to Janel, and she chose Petiole, for the stems of the leaves. It took me a bit, but I really like the name; it is descriptive and also sounds a little girly and elegant.

The pattern is available individually though Skein Theory ($6.50) or as part of the collection ($16 for 16 patterns).

You can go on Ravelry and see other projects of Petiole

Name: Petiole
Yarn: Yarn: Fingering weight yarn, approximately 250 (450) yds / 274 (366) m of main color and 230 (400) yds / 83 (229) m of contrasting color
Shown in Wollemeise Twin
Needles: US 5

I am working on another Petiole right now in homespun with beads, and I will have to show the finished one of that! (For anyone curious, I am putting the beads on the "stems" of the leaves)

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