Friday, January 18, 2013

Yes your Plaidness

I have a new pattern coming out. Again, I am deeply in love with slipped stitch patterns. There may be something wrong with me, but I am not about to admit it. I just have to make sure to enough other things that I don't get bored.

But, for now, I'll keep going in this vein.

As I was knitting this pattern up, I decided to call it Plaidness so I can make jokes. And because, deep down, I really love plaid. Plaidness is inspired by my love of slip stitch patterns and a need to keep my ears warm in the winter. I really like shaped headbands and Finnish Pantas for this purpose, so I combined the two. My ears will be happy this winter.

The other thing I enjoy about this pattern is the chance to use up leftovers! I have soooo many leftovers, particularly out of sock yarn. A hazard of working for a magazine called "The Sock Report," I guess.

And closeups of knitting! Because macro settings on cameras are amazing inventions. We see here details of the stitch pattern and the button! I was lucky enough to find the perfect button in my stash to accentuate the delicate pink/of the contrast yarn. Well, if this has tickled your fancy, here is the pattern information. The pattern is available through ravelry for $3.

Pattern: Plaidness 
Yarn: Less than 100 yds of two colors in fingering weight
Needles: US 2
Size: Adult S (M, L) and easy to customize!


Anonymous said...

Just finished several pairs of socks and had just the right amountof yarn to use this. Great idea. Bought the pattern and will probably gift its results to several people.

Miriam Pike said...

Thanks! I am making my second one right now. Also, this time around I am experimenting with a slipped stitch edge for a smoother look (slipping the last stitch of the row as if to purl with yarn in front) if you are interested in mods.