Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Alpine Scholar

Last weekend I went to Klamath Falls (my impression of the place is cold) for our Principality's Arts & Sciences Championship (and Investiture). I came away from this as the Principality A&S Champion, or Alpine Scholar.

For those not in the SCA, that means I presented 3 papers/projects on SCA appropriate subjects for judging and feedback.

My three entries (which you can see in the next picture) were:

1) My Housebook Dress and associated layers.
2) A paper looking at different possible pleating styles in imagery of the Housebook Dress.
3) A paper and reconstruction on 3 Italian Stockings.
I had a great time! There were 5 other entrants, and it was neat seeing all the other projects people were working on and doing research on. Bookbinding is apparently popular right now.
I plan on more posts on the layers of the Housebook Dress in the next month (once I have recovered from writing three papers at 4, 10 and 14 pages), so check back later!

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