Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here come pictures of us all.

No, this is not me, Miriam. I have not sprouted extra arms and turned blue (although I am known in certain circles as midget smurf). As the one with the camera I find that I am usually the one to take the pictures. This is the project I love most out of my recently finished ones. It is my homespun, home dyed (coolaid) and home knit scarf in a basket pattern.
Here is Mackie, no projects in hand, contemplating the meaning of life (or possibly just Law and Order, you never know). Mackie is currently making a crochetted blanket.

This is Katie with her first knitting project! Lookie. This is a scarf knit in stockinnette that turned out very well, especially as a first project. Currently she is working on a hat and naalbinding a bag for herself.

This is Erin, no spinning or knitting in it, but it is the best picture that I have of her on my camera. She is currently working on a scarf out of her homespun (she made the yarn a year ago and is finally getting around to doing something with it.

This is Sara spinning. She is spinning this hideous (or as she would say, beautiful) bright orange and yellow yarn. As of yet the yarn has no destination.

Sara edit: It's not hideous!

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Yarn Mafia said...

Yahrr, I do say it be orange, and hideous, harhhhhhhhhh.