Friday, October 28, 2005

Project Post Time

Miriam- Hello everobody! It's a new week, time for new projects to play with. This week we all got yarn from online (some from JoAnnes, and some from Smiley's). Here is my pretty purchase. There is a denim skein, 4 plum skeins, a charcoal skein, and 5 natural skeins. 4 of those natural skeins are for a friend, but they were getting lonely while I was photographing.
Here is my shawl that I finished in August. It didn't win any prizes, alas, but I loved making it, and love wearing it even more. The yarn is handspun, and it is (obviously) handknit, but I didn't dye it. The yarn is a romney/mohair/silk blend. It only took me half a year to make.

Here is a sock of Erin's that she is working on. The needles at the bottom of the picture have the second sock. Notice the pink color.

I don't have any other pictures of my dear room mates projects, but they will be posted soon.


Moldy Martha said...

Hello, Miriam and all. You got me into the domain of blodgom with the yarn Mafia - we shall see where that goes.

A speaker at the quilt guild commented that a mistake is just an unplanned experiment. I think that applies to knitting too.

Miriam said...

Thank you for posting Mom! (Do so again, it makes the website feel loved)