Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Greetings from the Lands of the South

A new post! Fancy that! Well, I'm sure that no one actually reads this anymore, but I will still try. I haven't been posting because my computer no longer has internet, so I have to use mom's. And we have dial up here at home, so posting is slow. And, to further complicate things, I couldn't find the cord to use for connecting my camera to the computer. I found it, and here I am.
Well, what has Miriam been up to, you ask? I have 1) a scarf out of Noru that I am working on ( a wool, angora, silk blend) that I got for 75% off at Ben Franklin's. I am making it into a bias scarf, and I love the yarn! (No pictures yet, they didn't turn out very well).
2) An undershift with four panels and lots of gores! No, not the blood, guts kind, but the cool triangular kind...sorry to disappoint y'all. It is out of a white cotton, and I am happy with how it turned out, I'll post a picture later, it is currently in the wash pile.
3) A skirt out of a rayon brocade. Again, in the wash pile, no pictures. Laterz.
4) A coat in a burgundy flannel. I purchased the flannel ages ago at JoAnne's (actually, it was a 17th birthday present from Dad, I think). I lined it with a light pink cotton...and for y'all as advice: Sheets make great lining fabrics! I used a trim that is actually cut out of fabric scraps from a scrumptious velvet thingy (garage sale), and there is hand made! bias tape on it too. The closures are nice black frogs that I got from my local fabric store. It is finally finished and I loooove it! Here are pictures:
5) A shrug out of my homespun yarn, I think I posted a picture a while back... it is a pattern from knitty called "shimmer," although I didn't use the shinny yarn it called for. I really like how it turned out. I have pictures of this one too!

I just have to say that having a dress form is a wonderful thing. This was a gift from someone in my Dad's co-op in Seattle, and I have fallen in love with it! It makes hemming soooo much easier. Now my hems are actually straight, most of the time. But Erin, don't despair, I will always prefer a human dress-form (grins evily).
That really is all I have done so far. I went to Florida, where I have a 5 year old cousin. This meant I couldn't get much crafting done over there. That's okay, I had a blast playing with her. She is entirely too cute for her own good. I was lucky enough to be there when Alberto was going through, so the weather wasn't too bad most of the time, and I got some pretty pictures of the storm.

In other news, Erin, call me! I keep trying to get in touch with you, but no luck. Tickets? When? This weekend is the black sheep gathering, are you coming?
That's all for now, ta ladies and gents!

P.S. Sorry, no pictures quite yet, the computer seems not to want to let me post them, I'll work on that. Ta!

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