Thursday, June 15, 2006


Hahaha! So I figured out how to post! Just wanted to say hi to ya'll and I MIIIISSSS yew!! I hope you all are having fun, keeping busy n stuff. I'm still waiting on a job. :( Hoping to work for the State of Oregon, but one of the jobs doesn't close til tommorrow so meanwhile I'm twiddling my thumbs. Oh well, I guess we'll see. Oh, I'm going to Florida next month! What are the odds that 3 out 5 of us roomies all went/are going to FL within 2 months of each other? It makes me laugh. Oh, and btw, we need to order tickets for Pirates soon. Since I do not have a job, I either need someone else to order them, or have people send me monies. Whoever orders them is going to have to order a TON cuz a bunch of people are going and we want to mke sure to end up in the same theater. I'll send out an email about that. Anyway, I miss you all and I hope to see ya'll soon!

Oh, and look! It's us! :)

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