Thursday, March 01, 2007

Duck Socks

Not much to post right now. Maybe later. But I thought that I would post now that I have finally figured out to get into blogger with google. Gah. Remind me to write theese things down next time. In any case my life is as follows:
  • I still have weaving for 3 more weeks and have 2 feet on my shawl. It is huck lace in the simple "Huck Lace" pattern (original ne?) alternating with stripes of plain weave. It's a 6 WPI warp and a 10 WPI weft that is my own handspun merino bought at the Puyallup fair several years ago. The picture of the cone is to illustrate just how little yarn I ended up with after warping.
  • Work Work Work. Life is going to get interesting, J's leaving for Thailand the 21st.
  • A pair of socks for housemate B. They're fun, but a little bit ducky. I didn't intentionally do so, really. As I told our Pastor's wife: "It wasn't intelligent design, but more of evolution..." Will that get me excommunicated? Probably not from a Lutheran Church. Too much to hope.
  • Craft Swap 1: I need to finish up a project for the Hogwart's House Swap. I'm making stuff for a Gryffindor. Send out date was yesterday, but I lost a skein of yarn and had to order more... Can't wait to see what I'll get.
  • Craft Swap 2: I just dyed the roving yesterday, and I am not entirely satisfied with the results. Hmmm...I'll try to get some advice from A. I recieved my yarn from Tristitia though. Lovely roving in a neutral and a wine colourway. Plus a skein of yarn from Knit Picks for dyeing.
  • Craft Swap 3: I just got my partner info (though it sounds like it may change...) and I need to make a panta in like a black/blue colour scheme. This should be a fun/easy/quick swap. Which I need after signing up for three consequtively. Sigh.
Coming soon: My new panta! Death by yarn? How much is too much to spend on fabric?


Fyberduck said...

It all depends on the fabric.

If you really want to get excommunicated, I'm sure we can find a way ;D

Carol said...

The socks are really nice! Death by fiber huh? Sounds good to me! My ball winder kind of matches your cone! The yarn was hand dyed by Rhymes with Fuscia on my sidebar. It's a light worsted Kona Blend and it feel like Heaven.