Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I got this from A's site. It looked like fun. I'm skipping songs I did not put on this thing for the sake of my sanity (Especially considering there are Sailor Moon songs on there...I swear I didn't put them on, although I have to admit I own them.) I will put those in a subscript or something for amusements sake though considering how often the stupid things came up.

Opening Credits: "Tehcno Dance/Bu Yao Lai (sp?)" China Dolls
Waking Up: "The Coventry Carol" Medieval Babes
-"Rainy Day Man" Sailor Moon Soundtrack
-"My Only Love" Sailor Moon Soundtrack (creepy)
First Day at School: "The Nightengale" Mary Anne Custer La Rue
Falling in Love: "Hangover Song" Michael Longcor
Fight Song: "Kung Foo Fighting" Foo Fighters
Breaking Up: "Army" No idea-anonomous SCA song
Prom: "Tokyo Girl" Ace of Base
-"Call My Name (and I'll be There)" Sailor Moon Soundtrack
Life: "Gypsy Rover" Clancy Brothers
Mental Breakdown: "Last Unicorn Theme" Kenny Loggins
Driving: "Charlie's Sweet" Mary Anne Custer La Rue
-"La Isla Bonita" Madona
Flashback: "Someone (Thai version)" China Dolls
Getting Back Together: "Wooden Toy Sword" Heather Alexander
Losing Your Virginity: "Help" Beatles
Wedding: "You wanna Dance?" China Dolls
Birth of a Child: "Igraynes Dance" -Unknown
-"Larger than Life" Backstreet Boys
Final Battle: "Two Maidens" in Bawdy Songs by Oscar Brand
-"It's a New Day" Sailor Moon Soundtrack
Death Scene: "Bedlam Boys" Heather Alexander
Ending Credits: "Butterfly" DDR

I have to say that I have great End Credits. Though some other things are a little wonky. Like my Final Battle song, and my getting back together song. I was sort of hoping March of Cambreath would come up...Anyways, L put some very interesting stuff on here, I couldn't believe how many times I had to skip past Sailor Moon songs. Gag me with a spoon please.

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