Friday, April 20, 2007

Fiber and Yarn

I am probably so far away from this resolution not to by yarn/fiber or fabric that I need to completely reset my clock. Still working on how to accomplish it though...
Oh well, I saw the best movie ever this weekend! Well, maybe not the best movie "ever," but a darn good flick. Everyone should go see it. The movie of which I speak is the new film entitled "Hot Fuzz" from the director (s?) of Shawn of the Dead. We were practically rolling in the aisles for this entire movie. And, yes it is a tad bit gory (okay, at some points a lot gory), lets just say some one gets exploded. But it was brief gore for the most part.
Review: 4 needles up (on a scale of 1-4)
In knitting news, I am getting fairly close to finishing "Audrey" from Elspeth Lavold out of the new Cotton Frappe. I really like the yarn, I just want to warn people that the label lies. It is not 5-5.5 stitches to the inch, it is not even 6 (my tank top is a little loose at 6), in fact I'm willing to bet that the stitch gauge would be best at 7 per inch. That's how far the bloody label is off. But, don't let that discourage you. The yarn is beautiful, and wonderful to work with. I love how it knits, less harsh than many cottons, and the polymid wrap around the yarn gives it a beautiful little sparkle. The yarn is very sturdy because it is one of those tube yarns and the polymid bit gives no trouble with snags.
The pattern, "Audrey," on the other hand, has several big erratas, so if you use the pattern, be sure to check those out.
I now have the back and over half of the front done! Yippee!

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kiwifr00t said...

I don't know why your site says "0 purls back" instead of "0 comments" but I get the feeling it's a terribly witty knitting joke that's over my head.... : )