Monday, April 16, 2007

New Layout

I'm sick of the pink of the old layout, time to try nice soothing colours. What do you all think?
In other news, I recieved my package from littlesailor on craftster for the panta swap. And I have pictures! The first is a photo I took myself with some wool I am carding. It is romney, but I have to use my stash up at some point. It's a pretty turquoise that I am carding other colours into.
Then I gave the camera to Mom and asked here to take a couple of photos. I think that I need to remember to get her to take my photos in the future. Kudos to Mom.

There were also 6 stitch markers in the package. Here they are posed with my cat, Mayumi. Ik tried to get her to play with them for the picture, but she wasn't cooperating. Silly cat.


Fyberduck said...

Very silly cat. And I like it!

Anonymous said...

I like the new look, and the pictures. I finally have you site showing up in only English - did you know your website wants to translate into Japanese by default?
Anyway, I had to get tech support involved and we had to uninstall my Japanese software, but I wasn't using it anyway!

Carol said...

Thanks for visiting! All the shell I find are all dried out ;) I like your new look and the new knit, red is very nice on you! I our cats started taking orders from us, we'd be training them to do all kinds of tricks, that's why they don't listen :) Maybe your mom could take some photos for me? She certainly does a great job!

Kimi said...

Hey, I singed up for a Google account, aren't I cool? ;D

Carol said...

It IS gonna be hard to say goodbye to that yarn! Good luck!