Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Belated Posts

This month has been a busy month, thus a distinct lack of posts...
Okay, really, I've just been lazy. But Maine, NH and a birthday party cut into much of my crafting time. And my digital camera bit the dust, terribly, horribly, and is very definitely dead. D-E-D- dead.

But, my goal for this week is a post a day. And I might even get a new camera this week.

On to the knitting. Currently on the needles I have:
  1. Jaywalkers with Shibui. These are to the heels (long plane trip to thank).
  2. Clapotis with Koigu (Yay!).
  3. Cardigan with Dalegarn Tiur from Lace Style (back done)

More from me later. ^_^


Fyberduck said...

Oooh, want pix as soon as you take 'em.

moirae said...

Hey, it was nice meeting you (this is Stephania). By the way I'm hosting Second Sock September if you care to knit along with us. We're encouraging each other to beat second sock syndrome. There are about 23 people, mostly in ravelry, but you can always play along too.

moirae said...

Must see lace.