Sunday, September 23, 2007

OFF (Of Flocks and Fibers)

Another Sheep to Shawl finished. Sheep to shawl, being (for those less fibre jargonly inclined) a competition to make a shawl in 5 hours by first spinning the yarn, and then weaving a shawl, and all done by 5 spinners and one weaver. Our sheep to shawl wasn't quite the same:
  1. No competition actually took place.
  2. There were 4 of us (Three people didn't show up).
  3. We warped the loom with commercial yarn (a Shetland yarn in the grease).
  4. We were aiming for a stole, rather than a shawl...etc.
Well, when I say finished, by that I mean mostly finished. Our shawl wasn't quite complete by 5 pm, so Asher took the shawl home to finish. But that was because we were down on the number of spinners and we chose a time intensive pattern on a table loom. Sheesh. But we did remarkably well, and I love how the shawl is turning out.

It is a herringbone twill with a dark gray warp, and a mix of lime green and turquoise for the weft. Lots of fun. The finished product is ultimately a raffle item to raise money to bring a spinning wheel to an underprivileged youth or some sort. So, all for a good cause.
Remarkably, I came home mostly within budget. I bought 2 lbs of some 21 micron merino blend roving ($10 a lb), a skein of a silk cashmere (90/10) blend, a sock yarn skein (in fire colours, I kid you not), a diz for drafting, and 4 oz of a superwash merino alpaca (80/20) blend. A good haul. And to prove that I have been spinning:

And last but not least, lets see if this works for a banner.

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It looks like the banner works! ^_^