Sunday, May 13, 2012

Note to self: blogging is good!

I have actually had a little time to myself this week. I ended up working from home for 2 days (boss sick/me sick too). It is amazing what I can accomplish if I have multiple days when I am home when the sun is out.

Today was a wonderful mother's day. I took Mom to the Eugene Concert Choir Madrigal Dinner last night, and it was lots of fun (although really, I didn't pay for tickets, but its the thought, right?). Which was fabulous! The food was good, the singing better, and the fight seen, marvelous!

We went to Hendrick's Park today, and it was positively mobbed. It took us several minutes to even park. But it was worth it, the flowers are in bloom, and the sun was out. Its nice to remember that there is sun out there.

So, not many photos to post. I realized I need to take some photos of non-secret stuff. I have several shawls that I have finished lately, but I haven't got pictures of yet. We all know how that happens.

Maybe I'll just post a photo of a pretty dress!

I can haz shiny!

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