Friday, June 08, 2012

Wierdest place you have knit?

So, I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday (a non-knitter) and I was telling her my recent "wierdest place I have knit" story. That got me to thinking, and I would love to hear your stories.

To make it interesting, I will make a contest out of it (limited to US) and the winner will be the one that makes me laugh/cry whatever the most.

To get the ball rolling, here is my most recent story:

So, the other day I was at the dentist's office. The ladies all know me as "the knitter," several of them are even knitters/crocheters themselves. They are super sweet, and always ask me what my current project is when I go in. Now, I usually knit in the dentist chair while I am actually waiting for the dentist (it can take a little while for him to finish up with the last person, etc), but this time I knit through the entire visit (chair reclined and everything). It was great because the gals in the office kept coming by and whispering, "is she knitting?" or things to that effect. In my defense, knitting is actually more soothing than having someone's hands in one's

Also, spinning on the streets of London is probably pretty high up there.

Leave your weird/funny stories in the comments with your ravelry ID, I will pick a winner, and then whoever that may I will contact on ravelry (if it is local, I can just give it to them....). I will pick the prize, but I will leave it as a surprise. 'cause I like surprises. If you are not on ravelry, leave some way of contacting you in the comment, so I can make sure you get a pretty.

And put something in before the 30th of June (that will be the day with the popcorn and laugh track).


Moldy Martha said...

I do not remember for sure whether I was knitting on the memorable ride across the Andes mountains with a busload of Ortovala Indian toilet paper smugglers, but I did have my knitting with me because I have a distinct recollection of being stuck by road repairs in a village in Colombia and showing a group of women how to do two color knitting - very prevalent in Peru, but in Colombia the prevalent style is fisherman's knits.

Martha Sherwood
You don't need ravelry to find me

Ruthie said...

It must have been a project that didnt require too much watching! Im impressed.

I most often receive comments on my tendancy to knit at loud bars, especially karaoke. It's too loud to really talk, and karaoke usually isn't conducive to dancing and the knitting keeps me engaged.

As far as a story you haven't heard (participated in, whatever) when we were in Europe on our honeymoon I would alternate between knitting and reading in lines for the museums with Luke there to nudge me along as the line moved forward.
I am blaze2242 on ravelry.

Emma G. said...

Toilet paper smugglers?! Dentist chairs?! I don't think I can top that!

I've also been known to knit at bars, it keeps me from drinking too much. :) But on one occasion, my boss had to let one of my co-workers go and took us all out to the bar to "smooth things over" after the "end of an era". I sipped on my beer and brought out my rugby striped beanie I was working, and was given a drunken lecture on friendship. Apparently knitting while drinking made the occasion less epic/heartfelt. Go figure!


Anonymous said...

I’d gone to the pub with my husband’s hockey team after a game.

Took out the toe-up sock I was working on & chattered away. As you know, Cat Bordhi socks look mighty odd indeed during the gusset-increase phase.

One of the fellas squinted at the sock & said, “What is that? Is it a penis pouch?”

Betcha know how to find me too...

Miriam Pike said...

Some good answers! They made me laugh too! Rose, I know your tendancy to knit at Karaoke, as well as embroider/sew. Not that I haven't done the same thing.

Cat Ellen said...

I'll have to mull over all the places I've spun (because I don't really knit), but my most recent public spinning was at Disneyland. While waiting in our first line, my sweetie said, "Three. I bet that three people ask you about spinning today and you'll give them a spinning lesson." Each time someone asked, I'd finish explaining and we'd look at each other. "That's One." "That's Two." "And that's Three."

I've also taken my spinning to the Pub and Whiskey tasting at the Whiskeys of the World Expo, to Mexico and the 4-day concerts for Baja Prog...