Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My newest knitting project

And, I am terrible at posting. I have recently come to this conclusion. But, nobody really reads this anyways...not even my parents. Oh well.
Isn't the view from our apartment lovely? This is the golf course by the way. Note the cars at the bottom (I should crop that later).

Next, we have my newest project. My "it took me a week to make tank top." The pattern is from Knitty, and it is the soleil pattern. Yay! It is finally done. The yarn is some lovely homespun that I purchased this summer at the Lane
County Fair from one of the demo people. (The orange towel is courtesy of Sara).

Now, for my roommate's things (well, what I could take pictures of at this hour of the night).
On the left are Mackenzie's philosopher finder puppets partying (doing the can can I believe). And on the right are some stuffies that Katie made needle felting. (Sorry, the pictures a bit fuzzy).

That's all for now. I must needs sleep.

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Katie said...

I would post more, but I'm only working on a million scarfs, nothing terribly exiciting, you know. I'm thinking of starting a shawl soon, especially since my mom just found a ton of more yarn for me! I'm going to have a huge stash of yarn if she keeps this up!