Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Here is Baxter, the new Kitty. I have some others of Mayumi (my cat) which shall be posted later, they are on my other memory card. In the first one he is stalking the squirrel (through the window). Look how much the squirrels ignore us and our cats. The next one is Baxter trying to hide from me. He doesn't blend very well with the apple juice though. He had the funniest reaction to a flash I have ever seen. Instead of running away, like most cats, he ran towards the camera and started batting at it. Bizzare?

In the next photo we have the dress of doom. Suffice it to say that I am not happy with the fabric or the dress. Orange? No! Orange plaid? No! Erin is being a lovely model, isn't she? She put so much into this shot (almost fell down dizzy). Not much is happening in the knitting sphere as I am working on the bloody dresses, but hopefully more will come. (And a random picture of a Greek vase, for those of you who are wondering.)


Anonymous said...

Spin, spin! It's a lovely dress Miriam, despite the color, and the ruffles are gorgeous (even if not in this picture)!

Yarn Mafia said...

Thank you, dress form!