Thursday, May 11, 2006


Well, finals are coming up, and I have been working on finishing up a bunch of projects before leaving town. I will post my other projects this week to make up for my lack of posting last week. For now, here is my newest dyeing project:

I I used koolaid in green, yellow, red and blue to achieve this. Here is my roving soaking in warm water in our bathroom. Note: The sink is fixed! It now drains properly!

Next is the roving before it went in the stove, with the koolaid already on it. For some reason I have a devil of a time pouring anything, so the colours are a bit random.

Here is the roving hanging up to dry, and the yarn all finished. I am not entirely happy with the result, I think that the colours aren't bright enough. Katie thinks that her mom will like it though, so it will be a present for her.

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