Friday, May 19, 2006

Move out

Well, I am currently working on moving out and back to Eugene. Can I just say that I have lots of yarn and spinning fibre? Well I do.
Since I am moving, here is a tribute to my wonderful roommates (minus Sara cause I don't have any recent pictures of her uploaded from my camera).
I love that I have roommates who sew and knit! Here they are working on pirate outfits:
Erin and her blue silk/poofy shirt:

Erin and I in Mackenzie's skirt together (Mackenzie's skirt has like four yards of fabric, so this wasn't that much of a stretch). Notice the beautiful stripes. I must say, I wasn't quite so much of a fan of it on the shelf, but with a ruffle it is splendid.

And here is Mackenzie, not wearing the skirt, and trying to hide from me and my camera. She's still there, and looking a little cookie. Why are all my roommates crazy?

Here we have Katie getting ready to cut out pieces for her pirate garb. As of now she has some poofy pants finished and a vest to go with them.

And yes, I have been making things too. In the picture of me with Erin I am wearing a shirt that I made, not a very good picture though. And here is some yarn I made last week drying in the bathroom (towel racks are great for drying yarn!). I also made a coat for Katie out of some periwinkle blue wool with a boarstooth edging, finished a hat that I have been working on forever, and made myself an SCA dress (woot!). I have been a very crafty person the past week. I also started working on a shrug from knitty (that's right, I'm too lazy to put in the link right now), in my homespun.

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