Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Ruffles!

Well, I have been working away at the outfits for the dance thing (carnival I think) on Friday. I finally got someone in the group to complement me on them! Woot!

First we have Erin doing a swishy swish to test out the billow power of the skirt (she makes such a good dress form, ne?), I am quite proud with how this turned out, I had to add a triangle in the back because the original skirt wasn't full enough, but now it, thankfully, is full enough. It also now has ruffles. I think that I can quite safely say that I absolutely detest ruffles and the sewing associated with them. My room shall henceforth (once the project is finished) be a ruffle free zone.

I was quite ruffled out this weekend and here is the result...silliness.
Yes, I dumped all of the ruffles on Katie, she laughed...what could I do? Anyways, I call this picture: "Death by Ruffles" Appropriate? If you looked behind the couch she is lounging on, you would see piles more of fabric I still have to cut and sew.

John, Erin's boyfriend came up this past weekend, and we all had fun. He brightens up the apartment (even when I am ready to chase after anyone who even thinks of saying, "ruffle."), especially when we are all bogged down by projects and homework. Here is John cooking for Erin in Sara's apron. Notice the bright orange and green...Erin made it for Sara for Christmas. We thought that he should be wearing it since he was being all chefy.

Last but not least, I have a silly picture (I know the others were really silly too, but this one is silly plain and simple). What are my roommates doing, you ask? Why, they are fighting each other with their tails. Erin is wearing my tail, and Katie is fighting with hers (this started out as, I wonder who's tail is longer? I know, it sounds wrong out of context, even in context it sounds a little wierd).
Have a good evening, and wish me luck with my sewing!

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Yarn Mafia said...

Wow, we are SO ridiculous. I bet people look at our pictures and are like, "whaaaa? they're in COLLEGE?!" Hehe! :)