Sunday, April 09, 2006

And the weekend has come

Let's see, the weekend has come and gone. It rained, the sun shined, the usual.
I worked on another sewing project, I just seem to be in the mood for sewing this week. I am working on an Italian Ren. The fabric is a linen damask in a paisely pattern (je l'adore) which I got at Ursulmas last winter for like 3 dollars a yard. There were ten yards, so I split the fabric with Liz and we each got 5 yards for our own nefarious purposes. 5 yards is plenty to do stuff with, especially if you happen to be as short as moi.

I currently have the top parts cut out, and I am working on embroidering the back paiselys in lots of colours. Hopefully this will turn out as I envision.

I also will make myself a shift. Since the linen is a non bleached linen colour, I am going to make myself a coloured shift to go with it, otherwise it would be way too bland. I have some navy silk noil which I think I might use. I also have some periwinkle, but I have a nice amount of that fabric and think that I might like to save it for something nice.

In other lands, I got to model in my garb today for a sculpture, that was fun. I got to stand around a lot while Kim twitched the folds of the fabric so they were just so. I also got treated to lunch, which is good considering I currently have no monies on me. We went to Pho down the street from school, and it was scrumptious.

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